R Kelly’s Ex Goddaughter testifies that he had SEX with her


R. Kelly’s Chicago federal sex crime trial is ongoing. Yesterday’s trial featured some shocking testimony from the former goddaughter who claimed that she had been sexually involved with Kelly numerous times, and that she filmed the sexual encounters !

R Kelly
R Kelly


R Kelly’s Ex Goddaughter testifies that he had SEX with her

The day before the evening of Thursday (Aug. 18, 2018) an individual identified by the name “Jane” took the stand in the defense’s case and provided an unsettling story of her affair with r kelly embattled star in the late 1990s according to the local Chicago news station WGNTV ! 

“Jane,” who is now 37, testified that she was just 13 when she first met Kelly via her aunt who believed to be romantically linked with Kelly when she was 13. “Jane” testified that her aunt encouraged her to ask Kelly for his Goddaughter. Soon after, Kelly started making sexual advances towards the teenager, Jane told the jury !

Jane stated that Kelly began with phone sex that led to physical sex and inappropriate touching. She also admitted to getting together with Kelly to have sex , and claimed they had sexual encounters “hundreds” of times !

The victim is believed to be the model who was featured in the notorious 2002 sex tape, which r kelly went to trial in 2008 and was cleared of. In the trial of 2008 she refused to give evidence. The judge granted her immunity from her testimony. She testified in court and admitted she is the girl who appeared on the 2002 tape of sex. Jane said she was living in the home with Kelly until 2014 when he began to become violent !

The singer, who is 55 years old, is accuse of child pornography as well as obstruction of justice and the instigation of minors to engage in sexual activities that are considered to be criminal. In addition to having sex in the presence of minors Kelly as well as his business partner Derrel McDavid, as well as friend Milton “June” Brown are being accused of conspiring to get Jane’s family to not speaking out during the trial in 2008. Jane’s family members will also be called to testify during the trial !

The trial will be conducted in which jurors will be presented with at least three sexual tapes that feature r kelly and underage girls. “The videos are difficult to watch,” U.S. Assistant Attorney Jason Julien told the jury on Wednesday (Aug. 17). “But it’s important for you all to watch those videos to understand what happened.”

R Kelly
R Kelly


R. Kelly was sentenced to prison for 30 years this past June, following having been found guilty on racketeering as well as trafficking in sex last September !



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