National Dog Day : 5 Tips to keep Your Gog Happy

National Dog Day

National Dog Day : – There’s never a bad time to honor your pet and, more importantly, National Dog Day, Aug. 26 can give dog owners a reason to treat their dogs !

National Dog Day
National Dog Day

5 Tips to keep Your Gog Happy

National Dog Day is a perfect opportunity to show your dog an extra amount of love,” Mark Eamer, Chewy’s chief marketing officer Chewy stated on “Good Morning America !

While happiness is paramount but it’s important to keep in mind that other aspects also impact the overall health of your pet and well-being, which is why “Good Morning America” tapped Darris Cooper, the national dog trainer at Petco to offer some valuable information !

It is important to look at all elements in isolation and together to ensure your dog receives the best possible care,” Cooper explained. “The Whole Health approach involves five pillars: physical well-being, mental health social health as well as home and public health. These help your pet live happy, healthy lives !

Check out the following five suggestions to pamper your healthy happy pet, with the help of Cooper along with similar items that you can purchase today !

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Make sure Nutrition and Exercise are a Priority

  • The summer season is about to come to an end and result in more walks in the evening. Petco offers a brand new line of night-time safety products that will help keep your dog seen and secure on walks in the evening !


Nurture Your Dogs Mental health

  • Pet owners can make sure their dogs live joyful life, full of joy and free of anxiety and boredom by taking care of their mental well-being !


Plan for Play and Socialization

  • It is crucial to improve your pet’s social wellbeing so they feel at ease and secure around other humans, animals and their surroundings. Positive reinforcement training can develop brains, National Dog Day foster the bond between pet parents and their pets right from the beginning and help improve pet’s general wellbeing! 


Foster a Safe and Stimulating home Environment

  • Every dog deserves an area that they feel secure, safe and loved. This should include blankets, a bed and bowl as well as toys. In order to ensure your dog’s health at home I would suggest that you make your dog’s crate a pleasant environment and a comfortable space where they can unwind and recharge!


National Dog Day
National Dog Day


Keep up with Essential Routine care

  • Your pet shouldn’t be left without the necessities they require to be happy and healthy !




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