LeBron James Extends his 2-year contract with the Lakers


LeBron James : – His agent announced Wednesday that LeBron James had agreed to a two-year extension of his contract worth $97.1 million, which includes a player option for 2024-25, and announced Wednesday !


LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James Extends his 2-year contract with the Lakers

His agent announced Wednesday that LeBron James had agreed to a two year, $97.1 million extension of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers ! Rich Paul, Klutch Sports CEO, said that James is now the highest-paid NBA player. The player option in his new deal would allow James to remain with the Lakers until December 2024, when he will turn 40 !

James, 37, enters the final year of his contract with the Lakers. James was signed by the Lakers in July 2018. He is now the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (NBA MVP), and league champion. With the new deal, James will be earning $46.7 million !

James will likely surpass Kareem Abdul Jabbar this winter as the NBA’s career scoring leader, barring injury. James and the Lakers still have a chance of winning another title if Anthony Davis and James can be fully healthy after an injury-plagued 2021-22 that ended without a playoff appearance !

James’ new deal synchronizes with Davis’ recent contract extension with Lakers. This allows both players to leave the Lakers and to negotiate new deals in 2024. Klutch represents both superstars !

James’ commitment to the Lakers has also stopped any talk of him leaving as a free agent, or in a trade. James has not appeared to be moving anywhere in social media, or during his public appearances. He also praised Darvin Ham’s hiring as Lakers coach !

In three of his four years as a Lakers player, James has missed substantial portions of the season because of injury. He was healthy during the long 2019-20 season, when the Lakers won their 17th NBA title in Florida. He has been a dominant player in his prime in both of the two years since !

James was unlikely to move after his 19-year tenure with the Lakers. His family settled in Los Angeles where Bronny, his oldest son, is a senior and college basketball prospect at Sierra Canyon High School !

LeBron James
LeBron James


James has stated that he plans to play with Bronny on the same team when his son enters the NBA. Although there are many obstacles between James and the NBA, James could draft-eligible by the summer 2024 !



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